Sigh. Getting Alex to sleep in his big boy bed is not going nearly as well as it did with Ryan. He is good about staying in bed when it is time to go to bed. He just keeps getting up in the middle of the night, at the crack of dawn, or halfway into naptime! He wakes Ryan up nearly every time, too. So, the current result is that I am tired and irritable, Ryan is tired, whiny, and disobedient, and Alex is tired and very cranky! Yesterday, he got himself and Ryan up two hours earlier than normal. While Chris, Alex, and I were eating lunch, we saw the fruit of these extra hours awake:



While Alex just fell asleep while eating lunch, Ryan had a really bad day at preschool. Apparently, he did everything wrong that he could have! I made him go straight to nap. He pretty much went straight to sleep, too. Usually he lies there talking to himself and a couple of toys for a while. Anyway, when he awoke, I was cleaning with a little electric sweeper. He very sweetly said, “Mommy, could I help you clean, please?” So I gave him the sweeper and asked him to do the living room. He took the sweeper in the living room and told me that he would get Alex. I heard him call to Alex, who came bumping down the stairs (he bumps down on his bottom). Then I heard Ryan say, “Alex we could share. You could have a turn!” He then gave the sweeper to Alex, who promptly ran all over the living room with it. As I stepped in the room, Ryan asked Alex, “Are you all done, Alex? Could I have a turn, now?” It was SOOOO sweet! My heart completely melted!!! Alex didn’t seem to be giving the sweeper back to Ryan, so I asked him, “Alex, can Ryan have a turn now?” Alex handed it right over! Moments like those, I cherish and I hope and pray there will be more and more and more of them!


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