Big Boy Bed???

Aw man! I guess that they have to grow up, but does it have to happen so quickly? Tonight, I took apart the crib (it wouldn’t fit through the door) took it out of the boys’ room. Then, I moved Ryan’s daybed to Alex’s side of the room and raised up the trundle bed on Ryan’s side. I thought that it would be a bit difficult to get Alex to sleep in the bed. He’s enjoyed playing on it so much for the past few weeks that I figured he would try to play on it. We did our normal Bible story, prayer time, and songs. Then the boys got in bed. Alex was really excited — squealing and giggling. The first thing that he did was to start bouncing. I just knew that I would spend an hour or more battling the bounce! I was wrong. I disciplined him one time and he was done! He laid down with his lovies and put his fingers in his mouth. I’ve had to go back in to Ryan several times. Each time, a glance at Alex tells me that he is still lying in the same place with his fingers in his mouth! What a big boy!!! It makes me a little bit sad. 😦 I am looking forward to being able to get bunk beds in a couple of months, though. That way, we can hopefully do a little more with their room. There’s just not much room in there with two beds. I’m not sure what kind of bunk beds we want, yet. I do know this — dark cherry wood is a must. I would like to have something a little different. I really like the L-shape bunk beds, but that wouldn’t fit our room very well. I think that this one is really pretty.


This one is nice, too. But it’s way out of our budget!


This is also out of our budget, but having the trundle would be nice in case we wanted to have a friend spend the night.

Anyway. There will be time to shop for beds later! Right now Ryan is unhappy about the change, but I think that when he sees the bunk beds that he’ll be really excited! We shall see.

Oh, and a new Ryan-ism… Today, he told me, “Mommy, I like my friend called Daddy.” I thought that was SO cute and sweet! Of course, so did his daddy!


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