I always think that I want to remember the cute things that Ryan says, but I usually forget by the end of the day. So, while I have a few sweet memories in my brain, I thought I would blog them. That way, I’ll have a way to look back and remember and others can share the smile!

For the first two weeks at preschool, they had been talking about creation. They made a really neat book about it, too. What was super special, though was Thursday night’s prayer. When Daddy is working through dinner, I let Ryan offer the blessing. That night his prayer began, “Dear God, Thank you for creating all the animals and things…” I couldn’t stop smiling! It was so sweet!

Today, while we were having breakfast, he looked up at me, and of his own accord said, “I’m going to do good in preschool today. I’m not going to get in time-out. I’m going to hold my crayon right.” I just about fell out of my chair!!! I smiled really big and told him that I loved the sound of that and couldn’t wait to see if he really did it. He did. When I picked him up from class I told one of his teachers what he had said. She told me that he did just that — even the holding his crayon part! It sure would be nice if we could do every day that way! When that child makes up his mind to do something, he will do it!

This morning when we arrived at preschool, he saw his friend, Rohan, going into the building. He told me, “Rohan is my favorite friend. I’m going to tell him that.” Ha, ha, ha!!! I don’t know if he told Rohan or not, but it was so cute and so sweet!

Ms. Eva told me that last week Ryan went up to herself and Ms. Mary and said, “You guys are awesome!” She said that she didn’t even want a paycheck that week — that it was all worth it! Ryan loves lots of people, but I’ve not seen him get so excited about anyone else as he does about them. He can’t get to them fast enough to give them hugs and say hi. As soon as he sees them, well, I might as well be invisible!!!

Alex reminded me of a funny thing that Ryan used to do. When he was about 2 1/2, we began letting him walk on our walks. He would follow our male dog and every time the dog would lift his leg to pee, Ryan would go up to the thing and do a funny stand with his hip sticking out like he was trying to pee, too. It was hilarious! We tried to capture it on video, but as soon as we brought out the camera, he stopped doing it. I’m not sure if Alex was copying Kip today, or not, but the position that he took up was very much as I remember Ryan doing it!

And I’ll end with a cute Alex-ism. He loves the praise and worship song, “Every Move I Make.” Throughout the day, with no particular reason that I can see, he’ll start singing the La La’s at the top of his voice! It gets tiring sometimes, but it’s really cute. It’s especially cute when he starts galloping around to his own song!

Kids are so funny. And sometimes so sweet. What a blessing 🙂

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