Doin’ What You Do

I’ve been a little frustrated with Ryan tonight. He hasn’t done anything bad. It’s just been those little things adding up. And that on top of me needing to get a lot of things done in not enough time. I had the thought that he is trying to get my attention and get some time with me, which he doesn’t get very often now that he is in preschool, AWANA, and swim lessons. So, during bath time, I made a decision to stop life and spend time with the boys — especially Ryan. I am so glad that I did. At first, he didn’t really want to do anything except watch a video. I reminded him that I had said no video tonight. It took about 30 seconds for him to decide to play with some toys! He recently earned enough money to get Knight & Sir John of the GeoTrax team. I figured that he would want to play with those since there is currently a track out on his floor and he hasn’t had much opportunity to play with them. I was wrong. He completely ignored them and didn’t even care that I put them up in the toy box! Instead, he got this little frog backpack that I got for Alex at one time and he stuffed a couple of other trains in there. Then he came and told me that the frog had a fat belly. That was cute, but what followed was even cuter… He sat down and started rocking the frog like a baby while saying a few comforting words. Then he got up, took the frog to his bed, and tucked it in for the night. Alex distracted me about the time Ryan got to the bed, so I didn’t actually see him tuck the frog in, but when I glanced up, the frog was all tucked into Ryan’s bed. Ryan came over to me and with the most adorable expression said, “I was doin’ to the frog what you do.” I looked over at the frog again then realized that he meant that he had tucked the frog in the way that I tuck him in. My heart melted that he likes me enough to imitate me! I grinned at him, which brought an even cuter smile out of him. After smothering him in a hug, I made him re-enact the scene so I could take a picture.


When we said our prayers tonight, I was not only thankful for Ryan, but blessed. Thank You, Lord. 🙂


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