God is GREAT!

Wow! I am amazed by God’s timing. So many times He brings us to a place where we are desperate. We beg and plead with Him and He proves Himself! So here’s the story… My husband and I are on a plan to become debt-free. We have been working hard, keeping our budget, and doing well. Then, this month, my time in the gym was cut down — a lot. Back in December, we had to replace our air conditioner. We did not have the $4000 we needed to pay for it. We do have a baby emergency fund, as recommended by Dave Ramsey, but that wouldn’t cover the cost. So, we did it on the horrible 0% no payments for a year plan. We put the air conditioner into our debt snowball and we were finally working on paying it off. We had been able to pay $600 each month and thought that we would have it paid off by November (one month early). However, with my hours cut, we would only be able to put $200 on the debt. That meant that we wouldn’t make the payment in time. I was really upset about that and beginning to lose hope in our plan working out. My husband and I have been praying through the whole process, but as this month has passed with less income, I have found myself crying out in desperation. So, when I went out to the mailbox yesterday, I cried. Tears of joy. Tears of absolute amazement. Tears of praise and thanksgiving. Why would a trip to the mailbox make me cry? The check that was inside. This check was enough to pay off the air conditioner and made it possible for us to pick a few needed items, give my little boy a nice 4th birthday party, and possibly put a new roof on our home! God is great and greatly to be praised!!!


3 thoughts on “God is GREAT!

  1. LOL… I did forget to mention where the check came from! His intermediary was our home insurance company. We had damage to our home last year that required quite a bit of repair. They deducted a depreciation value from the amount that they gave us for the damage. Our state Supreme Court recently decided that doing that is illegal, so the company had to pay us the depreciation amount — plus interest!!! So, we could have received the money back then, but we received it now — when we needed it — and we received more! I’m so glad that He moved the justices to decide the way that they did 🙂

  2. Just came across your note to me in my email and had to check out your post (finally)

    And all I can say is……GOD IS GOOD!!! ALL THE TIME!!!

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