I don’t mind money!

I’ve been trying to think about what to write today. Ryan gave me the perfect thing…

Today, we were out and about around lunchtime, so we stopped at McDonald’s. After we had ordered, as we pulled up to the window to pay, Ryan began having some sort of conversation about Mommy and Daddy with money. I couldn’t hear all of it. Actually, I only heard our names and the word “money.” I couldn’t hear what he was saying in regard to those things. I turned towards him to try to make sense of his conversation just as he said, “I don’t mind money!” Ha, ha, ha! I still laugh as I remember it! Chris and I both laughed aloud at the time. Chris said something about how we don’t mind it either — when we get it, but we don’t like to give it away.

I imagine that what he was trying to say was that he wanted money. He has a daily chore that he does to earn money, which he can then spend as he chooses. Right now, he’s trying to get one of the GeoTrax trains. He is very close and has been talking about going to get the train for about a week now. So I think that he saw the bills come out for paying for lunch and was hoping that he might get some, too! LOL… It certainly is funny how kids choose to word things!


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