Not so little anymore…

I never thought that we would actually put Ryan in preschool. We have always talked about homeschooling our kids. We didn’t know how long we would homeschool, but I thought it would both be fun and make me feel more useful. Certainly, I would teach the boys through the preschool years! BUT, I never expected to have a child like Ryan, either. Ryan is wonderful in many ways. He loves to help. He loves his little brother and loves to help and teach Alex. He makes everyone grin with his silliness. He also makes everyone groan with his silliness! And when Ryan gets focused on one thing, there is nothing that can break his focus. That can be good and bad. At this age, it tends to be a problem because he ends up not obeying his parents, teachers, coaches, etc. Sometimes, as any child will do, he will just disobey because he wants to. Many times, he does it because he is in Ryan’s world. Ryan also likes to test his boundaries. He will test. And test. And test. And test. I can tell that he has begun to figure out who’s boundaries are firm and whose boundaries he can move. He absolutely runs over those people with the moveable boundaries. Those who have firm boundaries find that he will eventually work within them. I love Ryan very much, but there are days that his testing, his silliness (usually at inappropriate times), and his one-track mind leave me wanting to hand him over to someone else. So, when an opportunity arose to put him in a Christian preschool, we took it. We both were unsure whether or not it was the right thing to do, but after the first week, I think that it has been good for him. He is getting excellent reports from his teachers. He comes home and tells me many stories about the things that he has done during the day. And I don’t feel nearly as stressed by the end of the day. I really miss him when he is gone, but even that makes having him home at night that much more wonderful! I think that he will learn how to cope with distractions, how to stand up for himself, and when silliness is ok. At least, that is my hope. However, I began writing this blog, because it really hit me today… My little boy isn’t so little anymore! He’s going to school all by himself — for FOUR hours! And he is verbalizing what he does there, what he liked, and what he disliked. I can hardly believe that this baby:

Ryan shortly after birth
Ryan shortly after birth

Is now this boy:

August 2008
August 2008

 How time flies! And he is only 4 (almost)!!!


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