I really want to do more writing. I think that I am fairly good at it and I enjoy doing it — when I have something to write about! So, I’ve started this blog as a way to write about whatever is on my mind! Today, I’m finding my thoughts consumed with the past. I don’t mean this in bad way. I’m not looking back wishing for the past and waiting to be turned into a pillar of salt! I’m simply remembering childhood days. Lots of people from my elementary and high school years have been turning up in Facebook and bringing back memories. It’s interesting to remember how people were then and to see how they have (and some have not) changed. Nearly always, the basic personality remains the same. Bubbly people are still pretty bubbly. Quiet, shy people aren’t usually so shy, but are still pretty quiet. The confident people are generally pretty confident. That’s a lot to be able to say from only basic Facebook profiles, but one can tell a lot both by pictures and by the posts people put on others walls or in their own profile. It makes me wish that my class had had a 10 year reunion! It would have been fun to see the new spouses and children and to hear about new jobs and interests. Now we can have a virtual reunion and we get to include people from classes before and after our own! That is really nice, since I was only mediocre friends with the people in my class and tended to be better friends with the people ahead of me! And so, with that memory, I must get on to cleaning and getting ready to go to swim lessons. I hope that you enjoyed a moment in my thoughts!

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